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2020 Foal Lifetime

Breeding Bonus Rules


1) Prizes awarded to registered breeder of “Qualfying Horse” only. No exceptions.

2) “Qualifying Horse” is a thoroughbred born in 2020 that is registered with the j

Jockey Club as being sired by Bucchero (by Kantharos out of Meetmeontime by

General Meeting) and wins one or more graded stakes in 2022.

3) Prizes are as follows – for a grade 1 win, 3 “Seasons;” for a grade 2 win,

2 “Seasons,” for a grade 1 win, 1 “Season” with the maximum prize per Qualifying

Horse being 5 “Seasons” notwithstanding such Qualifying Horse winning races that

would earn more than 5 “Seasons.”

4) “Season” is a lifetime breeding right permitting the holder of the right to breed a

single mare to Bucchero during a single season of a calendar year subject to a

standard contract (except that there shall be no stud fee, tax and other incidental

charges may apply). A modified standard contract will need to be signed in order to

obtain the requisite mating(s) each year with the modifications being no payment of

stud fee required and also no guarantee of any result from the mating(s) (and any other

changes necessary to incorporate those modifications). Lifetime as

used herein means the lifetime of Bucchero as a standing stallion beginning with the

year 2023 and concluding with the last year he stands and services mares prior to his

death or retirement. If he dies or retires in the middle of a breeding season and before

the right granted under these rules is used, there shall be no compensation for any such

unutilized right.

5) Seasons are transferable subject to the registered breeder of Qualifying Horse (or its

lawful heir or successor if such registered breeder dies or does not exist) confirming the

transfer in writing to Bucchero Stallion LLC with Bucchero Stallion LLC’s written consent

(such consent not to be unreasonably withheld).

6) Any determinations required to be made under these rules shall be made by

Bucchero Stallion LLC and such determinations shall be final and not subject to

challenge or review.

7) Bucchero Stallion LLC may alter these rules as reasonably necessary by posting

changes on the buccherostallion.com website.